Meet Preparation

Signing Up For Events

Prior to registering for an event, athletes should talk with their coach about the number and type  of events you should do at a meet.  Coaches will base their recommendations on your fitness level.

Avoid signing up for two running events scheduled to start close together.

Before Leaving Home

Always bring an additional set of warm dry clothes as it frequently rains when least expected. Gloves a hat and an old blanket are great to keep warm on a cold day. Bring a large plastic bag to store your clothes while you compete. An umbrella and a towel are also useful.

Make sure you have your spikes and singlet, as they are essential. Pack Band-Aids, sunscreen, fruit and a water bottle. If you are a thrower, bring an old towel to wipe the implement. Do not eat a full meal within two hours of competing. Beverages (except water) should be consumed at least one hour before any track event.

Arriving at the Track For a Meet

Arrive at least one and a half (1 1/2) hours before your event starts.  Parking is an issue at many venues.  Meets reserve the right to start an event up to 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  Athletes need to be able to verify they are registered in an event and be able to get their competition number (bib) from your coach or a club parent. Showing up 1 1/2 hours ahead of time will give you enough time to do a proper warm up and check-in for your event.

Your competition bib – Don’t lose it. If you forget to bring your bib on the second day of a multi day meet, see your coach immediately. You can’t compete without it. It is illegal to use a teammate’s number. It will result in disqualification.

Track etiquette –  Avoid going on the infield. It is usually closed to competitors, parent and coaches.  Do not cross the track while an event is in progress. Look both ways before crossing! Do not spit on the track!  Clean up your clothing, garbage and water bottles.  Always thank track officials after your event.

Competition Implements

Track meets supply starting blocks for athletes ages 14 and over. Younger athletes do not use starting blocks.

Maximum length of spikes on most synthetic surfaces is 5 to 7 mm. Check the entry form sent by the host club.

Athletes who bring their own throwing implements (e.g. shot put, discus, etc.) are required to have it weighed at least one hour before the scheduled start.

Athlete’s Role During Meets

Cheer loud and often, however do so in a respectful manner. Don’t be disruptive to other athletes, parents or judges.

Cheer for all members of our team as well as any outstanding performances you see at a competition. Good sportsmanship and support is important!

Never speak in a negative way about our club, athletes and our coaches nor the coaches or athletes of another club. Please stay positive.

Athletes are expected to come fully equipped (uniform, running shoes, spikes, etc.) to their scheduled events.

Athletes are expected to be on time to their meeting place.  Athletes are expected to eat, drink and use the restroom before reporting to their meeting place.

Athletes are expected to stay with the team until they have been released back to their parent(s) or parent designee on travel events.

Athletes are expected to thank all volunteers and officials before going home on behalf of SFTC and their family. For example, “I would like to thank you for your time and commitment today for making this track meet successful for myself, my club, and my city. Is there anything I can do to help clean up?” Wait for response. “Once again SFTC thanks you!”