We welcome all new members to our growing club. Whether you are serious about competing at high levels or would like to get into great shape, learn new skills and meet new friends, South Fraser is the club for you.

How To Register (step by step procedure):

A. New athletes

  1. Click on the athlete fee payment page or select it from the Registration menu
  2. Fill all the information required 1 and select the appropriate fee and discount (if applicable).
  3. Complete payment (offline via cheque or cash or online via PayPal or credit card)
  4. The system will send you an email with your username and password for the site
  5. Go back to the Registration menu and select the volunteer fee payment page
  6. Login with your new user name and password and select the appropriate volunteer fee 2
  7. Complete payment as above.

1 For people with multiple children, you have to create a separate profile for each individual child (make sure you have a separate email address for each child).
2 Your volunteer fee will be returned to you at the end of the season upon completion of your required volunteer hours

B. Returning athletes

  1. Follow steps 1-4 from above
  2. Your 2014 volunteer fee will be roller over into 2015, so no need to pay it again