SFTC is a non- profit club. The majority of all costs go directly to the athlete (coaches, facilities, uniforms, travel, camps, BC athletics membership, competition fees, etc). There is a small registration fee that will go to the club for operating costs only (flyers, registration process, shipping, field use, etc). SFTC will be directly responsible for fundraising, sponsors, banquets, etc. A $30 NSF fee will be added for all returned checks. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.

New registration fees and discounts!  

  • Sign up a friend and receive $25.00 off your registration fee (your name must be on their registration form).
  • Community Sports Teams – sign up 3+ athletes and save 10%; 5+ athletes and save 20%; 10+ athletes and save 30% (after BC Athletics fees have been deducted)


AgeMembership TypeCost1Volunteer Deposit3 / HoursTotal Cost4
Track Rascals (6 - 8)non-competitive (Apr 1st- June 30th)$200$50 / 5hrs$250
J.D. (9 - 13)Training Only (Feb 1st - July 28th) Sprint/Distance practices only.$300$100 / 10hrs$400
J.D. (9 - 13)Full membership (Feb 1st - July 28th)$325$100 / 10hrs$425
Midget (14 - 15)Train / Competitive (Feb 1st - July 28)$375$100 / 10hrs$475
Youth (16 - 17)Train / Competitive (Feb 1st - July 28)$400$100/ 10hrs$500
Junior (18 - 19)Train / Competitive (Feb 1st - July 28)$425$0$425
Senior (20+)Train / Competitive (Feb 1st - July 28)$425$0$425
Masters (35+)Train / Competitive (Feb 1st - July 28)$185$0$185
X-countryExisting athlete (Sept 1st - Nov 30th)$50$0$50
X-countryNew athlete (Sept 1st - Nov 30th)$150$0$150

1Membership type includes coaching fees & BC Athletics fees.

3Volunteer fees are part of total cost, and will be returned when the specified hours (per family basis) are completed. Board of Directors and Executives are EXEMPT from this fee.

4Payment plan available- 50% due at start of season; 50% of balance due at start of 2nd month.


Included with Fees

  • Access to training groups
  • Access to the usage of Bear Creek track
  • Access to SFTC equipment
  • Access to High Performance coaches
  • Yoga sessions as schedule permits (focus will be on proper stretching as it relates to running, jumping and throwing)
  • Awards at annual banquet
  • BC Athletic fees
  • 50% of Provincial / BC Summer Games team fees, coverage up to a yearly maximum of 50% of full membership fee.
    ONLY- for athletes that make these selected teams and commit to the team. Amounts will be reviewed by club Executive annually


Club Volunteering Fee

All athletes and/or parents are expected to put in volunteer time with the club (hosting Junior Olympics, Fraser Valley Invitational, X-Country Meet). This fee is part of the registration fees, amounts in table above for each membership type are returned when hours are completed.


Volunteering as an Official

There are many volunteer opportunities within the South Fraser Track and Field Club. From leadership and organizational support to coaching, helping at practices and meets, to attaining sponsorship, and more. We know life is busy and everyone has busy schedules, but even a few hours a month can make all the difference in the lives of our young and aspiring athletes.

Our Club supports the BC Athletics Officials program, and many of our members volunteer and work with them at events.

BC Athletics Officials are trained volunteers that work at Track and Field, Cross Country and Road events. These are the people who ensure the fairness/ measurements/fun and organization of the track meets we all attend. Many are parents, but some are athletes, active or retired. Young athletes can join the Under-18 officials program to enhance their understanding of the sport, and accumulate credits for school programs. We encourage our members to get involved. Visit the BCA Officials Web Page for the latest information on training and certification as an official: http://www.bcathletics.org/main/officials.htm.


Meet Fees

Meet fees will be paid by the athlete / parent via an online registration system on our web site. Non-competitive events are included in the registration fee. If athletes want to have SFTC register them for track events, a $200 deposit must be provided with registration/ volunteer fees. Events will be covered until the money is used up, after which a new deposit is required.

You will not be entered into meets if meet fees, club fees, and registration fees are not paid.

Uniform Fees

Uniform fees are not included in club membership fees and are separate. All athletes must wear SFTC uniform at competitions. Any additional fan club wear for parents, family, friends, etc can be ordered on the SFTC website. 10% of this profit will be put into the club as fundraising.

Athletes must purchase their own shoes/spikes and any other personal items as needed.


Membership Financial Aid

There are two local programs available to assist with getting kids involved in sport. Jumpstart (the Canadian Tire program) and Kidsport.

Surrey’s contact is Sherri Kovach at the YMCA – 604-575-9622. If you live in Surrey call Sherry by Friday, January 16. If you live in Langley, Delta etc. call Sherri and she will give you the contact for your area. There is some paperwork to do but it is not arduous. Income paystubs or other statements showing income are required. Forms are available online. The general information line is 877-616-6600.